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Featured Customer: Pivotal, Ratheon, and The US Air Force

  • Raytheon supports Kessel Run efforts to modernize the US Air Force Air Ops Center 

  • 5 weeks from HW arrived on-site to applications running on PCF

  • Multi-AZ configuration (12 VxRail nodes)

  • External ECS blobstore

  • NSX-V Networking

  • 6 additional identical environments to be deployed across locations over next year




“We were able to meet a deadline we thought was impossible because of the simplicity of Pivotal Ready Architecture and hyper-converged infrastructure.” 

- Raytheon


Pivotal Ready architecture

Pivotal Ready Architecture

The fastest way to deploy and run Pivotal Cloud Foundry on premises.

Purpose-built for running Pivotal Cloud Foundry, this stack includes PCF and VMware virtualization atop Dell EMC hyper-converged VxRail infrastructure. 

Accelerate Digital Transformation with PCF and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure:


Pivotal Container Service (PKS)

Pivotal Container Service(PKS), is our joint VMware/Pivotal offering for enterprise Kubernetes platforms built on NSX-T and BOSH. 

Start simply, and scale flexibly through the PKS Accelerator Kit offering 256 cores as a starting point.  From there, customers have the opportunity to scale 

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10 Minutes to Tanzu

Chek out this Tanzu Whiteboard jointly presented by Maria Armstrong (Core VMware AE), Melanie McElligott (Synergy Pivotal AE) and Mike Rhodes (Platform Architect, Pivotal) with tangible next steps once you’ve identified an opportunity!



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